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Therapists' Sexual Feelings and Behaviors:

Research, Trends, and Quandaries

by Kenneth S. Pope

This chapter appears in Psychological Perspectives on Human Sexuality (pages 603-658), edited by Lenore Szuchman and Frank Muscarella, published by John Wiley and Sons.

The chapter contains the following sections:


Education About Sexual Feelings

A Topic Not Just for the Intellect (vignettes, exercises & discussion questions)

What Percentage of Therapists Engage in Sex with Their Patients?

Common Scenarios of Therapist-Patient Sexual Involvement

History of the Prohibition

Initial Research

Gender Patterns

When The Majority Masks the Minority

How Therapist-Patient Sex Affects Patients

Special Treatment for Offenders

Research and Rehabilitation

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do


The chapter includes the following 6 tables of research data:

Characteristics of Clients to Whom Psychotherapists Are Attracted

Sexual and Other Occasions for Intense Emotion in Therapy

Therapists' Reports of Their Experiences As Patients

Percent of Male and Female Therapists Reporting Having Been Abused

Data from Studies of Sex with Clients Using National Samples of Therapists

Characteristics of Patients Who Had Been Sexual Involved with a Therapists

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